Remote Interview – MASX Tips and Tricks to Help you With a Successful Remote Interview

It comes as no surprise that more and more people around the world are working remotely and away from the office, leading remote job interviews as the new norm for hiring managers. Both the managers and the interviewers are exposed to new video interviews which may take some time to get used too.

MASX Employment Solutions has provided some tips for both interviewers and interviewees to make the most of a remote interview, from etiquette to wi-fi connection, we’ve got you covered!

Be prepared, don’t try winging it. Just like in-person interviews, remote interviews require the same amount, if not more, preparation to set the standards and increase your chances of getting hired. Some questions you should have answered days before your interview will be; who will initiate the call, what online platform will the interview take place on, will anyone else be joining the interview (if so, provide the names and titles of who will be attending). Ensure that you have complete clarity of the details regarding the interview and it is confirmed with the interviewer days in advance.

Technology preparation to avoid glitches.

One initiative that both interviewers and interviewees should take is running the video conferencing platform on whatever device will be used during the interview. Running these software’s on your desktop will allow for the platform to familiarize itself with your computer allowing for a smoother conference when the time of the interview comes. Check your computer camera, microphone and internet connection, and most importantly make sure you remember your login details for that specific software.

BACKUP PLAN! Make sure you’re well equipped with all devices so that if one decides to glitch out, you have another device ready to go. Both interviewers and interviewees have heard the common problem of “computer issues” when conducting these remote conferences or interviews, so try and save yourself the headache and panic! Worst case scenario - make sure you have the interviewer or interviewees contact information in case of a computer emergency.

Bandwidth is also another issue when it comes to running interviews. Making sure that you have successful working wi-fi that can withstand the bandwidth that will be used to conduct that interview.

Try and Eliminate/Minimize Distractions. It’s crucial to turn off all alerts, alarms, maybe even placing a note on your door to avoid roommates from stepping in to distract you during your interview. It would be best to try and avoid high traffic areas or moving to a spot where the distractions are as preventable as possible.

Shifting and moving during an interview can also pose as a distraction, try and have your interview space set up well in advance of the interview to have the best possible outcome for your interview.

Professionalism still exists through the screen. Make sure to dress as though you’re going to an in-person interview. The background screen is also very important so make sure that you have a background that is appropriate and workplace friendly for your potential employer to view. Many videoconferencing applications will allow you to change the background so try and

change it to a blank one if possible, to be professional and engage your interviewer.

Facial expressions and tone of voice are very important. It is very important to speak calmly and clearly to avoid a scratchy interview without either the interviewer or the interviewee able to understand each other. It is also important to engage your interviewer and make sure that they are having a good time during your interview. Try and smile and laugh (WHEN APPROPRIATE!) to demonstrate to the one on the opposite side of that you’re engaged in the conversation. Remember to look in the camera when your speaking and not are your own image!

Close strong! Both interviewers and interviewees have the acknowledge the effort it may have took each of you to be present at that interview. As the interviewee, be sure to ask all the right questions and end off leaving your impression on your interviewers. Interviewers should make sure to tell the interviewee what’s going to happen next in the process and answer any questions the interviewee may have. Be sure to thank each other for their time!

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