5 Reasons to Use a Temp Staffing Agency to Hire Temporary Workers

Any business needs to be prepared for unexpected staffing shortages during all times of the year. Seasonal increases with workload could cause your company to fall behind and leave your current employees disgruntled. A temp staffing agency can help fill gaps in your workforce and keep productivity at optimal levels. Here are some benefits you will notice using a staffing agency.

Fewer Overtime Costs

Hiring temporary workers to fill holes in your workforce means you can cut down on the amount of overtime you pay your permanent staff. Besides the cost savings, reducing or eliminating overtime hours will reduce the chances of your employees becoming irritable. This means they are less prone to making costly mistakes and you do not have to worry about damaging employee morale.

Efficient Recruiting Process

Interviewing and hiring new people can take up valuable time and resources. With a temp agency, you do not have to waste money placing ads, sorting through piles of resumes, or conducting interviews and skill assessments. If you just need help for a few shifts or a few months, doing all that labour is likely not worth it. A temp agency can do all that work for you, and they can find workers well in advance of when you need them. They are backed by experience in the industry and already have a large pool of qualified and skilled workers to draw from. This is especially helpful if you require workers on short notice.

Reduced Training Expenses

Depending on how lucky you are with the new hire you decided to take a gamble on, training can be a lengthy and costly process. If you are just hiring someone for a few shifts,

it may not be worth it to go through with the process, especially if they are not as fast of a learner as their resume stated. Much of this training is done for you when you use a staffing agency. They will do it during the screening process and filter out people who take too long to acquire the necessary knowledge and skill set. This way, a temp worker can get up to speed with permanent staff quickly and seamlessly fit in with the team.

Prevents under and overstaffing

Workloads fluctuate throughout the year and while you can ask your permanent staff to take on more work during busy times, doing so can cause issues. Tasks can get overlooked, overworked employees can become cranky and tired, which can decrease morale and increase your turnover rate.

If you hire permanent staff for extra hands during the busy season, you could end up with too many when business slows down again. This can lead to wasted money on labour and termination costs. A temp staffing agency can help you assess your staffing needs and provide adequate coverage when needed.

Flexible Workers

A temp staffing agency gives you access to a flexible workforce at your fingertips. When you do not need extra workers anymore, you can simply return them to the agency. Temp workers also have more availability than permanent workers, making them ideal for less popular shifts like overnights and weekends.

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