Client FAQ's

Where is M.A.S.X. Employment's head office located?
MASX Employment head office is located in Etobicoke, contact information, including exact address, can be found at the bottom of each page. 
Can M.A.S.X. Employment fill emergency orders?

Yes! MASX Employment can be contacted 24/7 by phone and/or email (mentioned in our website footer). Our staff are trained to ask the right questions and are ready to meet all your employment needs. All employee requests require a minimum of 4-hour turnaround. 

What are M.A.S.X. Employment's main hours of operation?

MASX Employment's main working hours are from Monday to Friday 9am - 5pm.

What types of businesses does M.A.S.X. Employment staff? 
MASX Employment provides staffing solutions to a variety of businesses. Please refer to our home page under the section "Industries We Serve" for a detailed list.

Yes! In an emergency, you can call or email MASX Employment. We have staff monitoring our phone and email 24/7 and can respond to any emergency that our clients may have.

How can I contact  M.A.S.X. Employment outside of regular business hours? 
How can I contact M.A.S.X. Employment outside of regular business hours? 

MASX Employment takes pride in our hard-working and detail oriented staff. We aim to provide our clients with the best and most seamless service possible.  We ensure the service(s) we provide are a match for each client's unique internal culture.

What makes M.A.S.X. Employment different from other staffing agencies? 
What makes M.A.S.X. Employment different from other staffing agencies? 
What is the process if I decide to work with M.A.S.X. Employment and how often will I be billed?

A quote will be provided to the client by MASX Employment based on client-specific needs and a service agreement must be signed. Clients will be billed on a weekly basis. 

What if I don't like an employee(s) sent by M.A.S.X. Employment Solutions? 

At MASX Employment, our responsibility to make sure that both our employees and clients are happy. If you are dissatisfied by an employee we've sent you, let us know immediately and we will replace them as quickly as possible. 

How are M.A.S.X. Employment employee hours tracked? Can I use my own system? 

MASX Employment issues a timesheet report to the client on the first business day of each week (Sunday) and is to be reviewed and signed by an authorized representative by the client. Yes! The client may choose to use their own timesheet reporting system and send us an approved weekly timesheet report no later than end of day Wednesday.