Client FAQ's

Where is M.A.S.X. Employment's head office located?
Can M.A.S.X. Employment fill emergency orders?
What are M.A.S.X. Employment's main hours of operation?
What types of businesses does M.A.S.X. Employment staff? 
How can I contact  M.A.S.X. Employment outside of regular business hours? 
What makes M.A.S.X. Employment different from other staffing agencies? 
What is the process if I decide to work with M.A.S.X. Employment and how often will I be billed?
What if I don't like an employee(s) sent by M.A.S.X. Employment Solutions? 
How are M.A.S.X. Employment employee hours tracked? Can I use my own system? 




At M.A.S.X. Employment Solutions, we understand that each business is unique. This is why we offer customized employment solutions to fit each client's specific needs. Our team has over 30 years combined recruitment and other employment related experience which helps us to match clients with the right candidates and/or  service. 

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