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By submitting personal information, I grant M.A.S.X. Employment Solutions (MASX) the right to use personal data for recruitment and selection purposes. I understand that my personal information is only collected, used and disclosed by MASX in accordance with this form or otherwise as permitted by law. I authorize MASX to collect, use and disclose my personal information in order to attempt to place me in the employment of one of MASX’s clients. For this purpose and as part of this process, I authorize MASX to take a number of steps, typically including, but not necessarily limited to: Obtaining my résumé and references (and any updates thereof); Interviewing me; Producing a video-clip of me; Speaking with my references; Verifying information and performing other searches and checks, done either by MASX or by an independent agency on behalf of MASX; Evaluating information about me to analyze my suitability to potential positions; Disclosing any information about me as provided by me, by references and by other sources to any present or future client of MASX who, based on my qualifications, work requirements, desires and other factors and determined solely in the discretion of MASX, has or may have a position to which I am or may be suited. I understand that MASX will not disclose my information to a present or future client without speaking to me first and receiving my verbal consent. 

I consent to the collection and retention of my personal information in order for MASX to assist me in securing the best, most suitable position. Specifically, I authorize MASX to obtain: My contact information [full name including all past and present aliases, address(es), phone number(s), fax number(s), email address(es)]; My résumé (and any updates thereof); A video-clip of me (and any updates thereof); My reference contact details ( I acknowledge that MASX assumes that, before providing MASX with any contact details for references, I have obtained the references’ permission to do so); and a description of the types of positions that interest me. 

I acknowledge that, in using MASX’s services, they may also ask me to provide them with the following additional information: Educational records; Reference letters; Results of specialized testing or professional designation testing. I understand that notes taken when I am interviewed by a MASX representative will also form part of the information on file about me. 

I acknowledge that MASX, either directly or using external service-providers, may collect, use and disclose some or all of the following information about me from sources other than myself: Verification of education and professional qualification; Verification of employment history; Criminal and credit record check, if required by the position; Information obtained through reference and background checks. I understand that in some cases MASX will initiate the collection of this information. In other cases, the information will be obtained at the request of a MASX client. Regardless, MASX will not collect, use or disclose any such information unless they feel that it is reasonable to do so. 

I authorize MASX and/or its representatives to send me information relating to the services that they provide through electronic mail and other media. I understand that my personal information will be retained in hard copy at the MASX office where I submit this consent and/or in electronic form on secure servers. I also understand that MASX will safeguard the security and confidentiality of my personal information and my personal information will be retained for as long as is required by law and to fulfill the purposes described above, after which time it will be destroyed or deleted. I understand that if I choose not to provide my consent to the collection, use and disclosure of my personal information as outlined herein, MASX’s ability to assist me may be limited by law. I acknowledge that I may withdraw my consent at any time by providing written notice to MASX. 

While I understand I have the right to access and review my personal information and to request that it be corrected or amended, I acknowledge that such rights are limited by law. I acknowledge that I do not have the right to access, and I will not request access, to the confidential and personal opinions supplied by third parties. I fully understand these consent statements and I am entering into them of my own free will, as per my signature below. 



I acknowledge and agree that when an assignment is offered to me, I will be provided with the name of our agency, our contact information, as well as the name of the client I am being assigned to, their contact information, as well as the wage rate, benefits (if applicable), hours of work, pay period, estimated term of the assignment (if applicable), and a general description of the work. This information will be provided orally at the time it is initially provided, and in writing as soon as practical thereafter. If I do not receive this information within a reasonable time, I will contact my MASX agency representative to request a copy of this information. 

I acknowledge and agree that, although I have completed a candidate information form and request for employment, I have not commenced employment with MASX. I further acknowledge and agree that MASX has not yet attempted to assign me to a client of MASX and that MASX will contact me when such an attempt is about to be made, and then, once I am assigned to such client, my employment with MASX will commence. 

I acknowledge and agree that if I am unavailable for assignment for [3] assignments in a row, or [6] assignments in any [3] month period I will be deemed to have abandoned my employment with MASX and/or there will be just cause for my termination of such employment and I will not be entitled to any notice of termination, nor pay in lieu of such notice, and severance pay (if applicable) pursuant to contract, statute (including but not limited to the Employment Standards Act, 2000) and the common law. 

I acknowledge and agree that my employment may be terminated at any time, without cause, in which case MASX shall only be required to provide me the minimum notice of termination and/or pay in lieu thereof, and severance pay (if applicable), as required pursuant to the Employment Standards Act, 2000. 

I acknowledge and agree that, in the event that I have not been assigned to perform work for a client of MASX for one week, I am required to contact MASX by phone, email, or in writing to advise MASX of my prolonged period of non-assignment. 

I acknowledge and agree that if I fail to contact MASX at the beginning of each week, to confirm my availability, I will be deemed to have been unavailable for work for that week for the purposes of the Employment Standards Act, 2000.


I certify that my answers are true and complete to the best of my knowledge. If this application leads to employment, I understand that false or misleading information in my application or interview may result in my release.